2021 St. Pete nood ‘DOUBLEDOWN’ roster


NOOD DOCUMENTS – https://yachtscoring.com/event_documents.cfm

LODGING – Holiday Inn St. Petersburg West 1200 34th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida, 33713
Hotel Front Desk: 1-727-3220770
CHECK-IN: 04/01/2021 03:00 PM
CHECK-OUT: 04/04/2021 11:00 AM


The Henderson 30 has a roster of 9 important crew positions.

1. Helm steers the boat and works closely with the bosun, trimmer and tactician maximizing the speed of the boat, calls the tacks and jibes, and avoids collisions. (Tom)

2. Bosun coordinates maneuvers and directs deck crew. (Mike)

3. Main trims the mainsail and the runners, works closely with the helm to maintain boat speed. (Tor – Junior)

4. Pit runs lines in the cockpit, coordinates between cockpit and foredeck, and controls the bow sprit from the pit. (Lex – Junior)

5. Trimmer gets the boat up to speed after tacking. Works with helm, bosun and sheet grinder. (Tim)

6. Grinder works the winches, grinds tacks and jibes, and works closely with the pit to control sheet movements. (__________)

7. Tactician plans the path that gets the boat around the course, using the wind, tide and current, works with helm and trimmers for the fastest way to the finish. (__________)

8. Mast works with foredeck to hoist and drop sails on demand. Works closely with pit, grinder, foredeck and operates sewer. (Bergen – Junior)

9. Foredeck calls the line during starts, and identifies overlaps. Works closely with the mast and crew. (Peck)

Crew works for the boat, please listen well, hike hard, keep eyes forward, focus on this race and next steps, and use big voice communication.