Thomas Binau-Hansen

Founder and Owner of Tempest Harding and Executive Director of SAIL LAST

Devoted Husband, family man, cybersecurity engineer, racing sailor and philanthropist

Thomas’ achievements are leading teams, finding opportunities and  delivering successes.

Thomas started operating a Hubzone Certified, Secret Cleared business over 25 years ago.

That business contributed to earning more than $1 Billion (1,000,000,000) of DoD IT.

Thomas lead the modernization of the Pentagon, Marine Corps, Navy and 50 Army installations.

Thomas is a disciplined military contractor, appointed to the AirForce Academy, and motivated.

Thomas’ personality is brave, sincere, respectful, humorous, understanding, and consistent.

Today he oversees the operations of several businesses and a charity as a key person advisor.

He holds a University of Connecticut Degree, Security+ Certification and Secret Clearance.

Each day Thomas bikes miles with his family, and makes meals and consults with the military.

He considers a good day as one where programs are propelled and personnel are motivated.

Thomas considers a great day when awards are earned or milestones are achieved.

A normal day has him helping others, especially businesses winning, or boats on the water.

Thomas is also a DHS USCG Captain, US Sailing Instructor, First Aid and CPR certified coach.

“I help enrich people one at a time by them going for safety, communication and fun – it works”